Blogger Outreach

The concept of blogger outreach is simple and rooted in the basics of good public relations: convince someone with more credibility and a larger audience than you to say good things about your company, product or brand. In a fragmented and shrinking traditional media landscape (brought about in large part because of the success of the Internet and social media to get news and opinion out faster, cheaper and, in many cases, better, than the old grey icons of print and broadcast media), the same concept works. But in the blogosphere, there are 150 million vehicles, including hundreds of thousands with high degrees of credibility to both their core audience and to the search engines.

By microtargeting the most influential thought leaders and category enthusiasts, one can generate much larger levels of engagement, inspiration and action than through traditional media. The tinder that begins to burn in the highly concentrated spheres of influence inhabited by these mid-tier blogs will often catch fire and jump to larger blogs and online media, then finally to traditional media (where it will be more effective because it will already have left a digital trail of credibility in its wake).

SocialRadius has conceived and executed these types of campaigns again and again, in markets as diverse as 3D design and printing technology, a benefit concert for an educational cause , and an organic baby products retailer. One of our most prominent blogger outreach campaigns we also highlight under our video section: the viral marketing for the award-winning “Yes We Can” video during the Barack Obama campaign for client