Our Services.

Social media marketing is a new and often misunderstood field. Contrary to what some might have you believe, we don’t just sit around Tweeting and adding people to Facebook all day. Fully two-thirds of our services involve harnessing the power of the blogosphere—the original, largest and still most-influential component of the social media universe.

Overall, SocialRadius offers both a platform and a suite of agency services. Our platform identifies thought leaders, enthusiasts and e-commerce affiliates and ranks them by level of influence in a matrix of sectors. This is coupled with the agency services, including blogger outreach, promotion and affiliate recruitment to finally “connect the dots” between social media influence and trackable monetization. Where the direct-to-consumer sales component is not primary, as with companies that utilize sales representatives or two-tier distribution networks, SocialRadius can increase trackable conversations by influencers, search engine visibility, traffic, downloads and/or sales leads.

Other services include blog creation and optimization; lead generation using social media; physical and virtual events to engage top bloggers; Twitter and social network strategy and execution; podcast creation and promotion; and viral video marketing.