Social Media Campaigns.

Editorial news and reviews are just the tipping point of what we’ve been able to achieve working with nearly 40,000 bloggers across categories ranging from beauty bloggers to sports enthusiasts. For a major spirits brands, we were able to stage a promotion that garnered 40,000 entries to a contest, outperforming its print media buys by a wide margin at a fraction of the cost. For a television production company and network, we were able to create a contest where influential bloggers competed to appear on the show, engaging hundreds of thousands of their own readers in the process and powering the show to exceptional ratings.

SocialRadius will work with your company to identify the best opportunities to engage with enthusiast blogs on a contest level. We can set up systems to track your engagement, traffic and, where there’s a direct call to action, sales. In addition, we can help you make the right choices so that you avoid any legal or crisis communications woes by showing you how to steer clear of black hats, astroturfing (fake grassroots) and other inauthentic ways of marketing that can not only land you in hot water, but are utterly unnecessary when authentic social media marketing is so effective.

For e-commerce sites that rely on affiliates, we can also help recruit bloggers to become affiliates as part of our promotional strategies, as well as show you how to best use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks to drive trackable sales, leads and traffic.