Social Mix: Podcasts, Video, Twitter and Social Networks.

Podcasts, Video, Twitter and Social Networks. While this looks like a large grab-bag, it’s really more connected than might first meet the eye. Podcasts can be marketed virally through a variety of free distribution platforms, including iTunes, while the phenomenon of the viral video has become even more powerful through the market dominance of YouTube as a platform for both discovery and distribution. Meanwhile, in less than five years, social networks have gone from a quirky addiction among teenagers to a platform more widely used than email. Twitter, itself a hybrid of a social network and a mobile micro-blog, has captured the attention of the media like perhaps no other service in history.

SocialRadius will help you sort out the real opportunities from the time sinks and misguided attempts to stay current with doomed platforms (Second Life, anyone?). We can act as strategist, managing editor, platform, full-service agency (or any combination in between). For musical artist, we took a brilliantly composed piece of video and set into motion a tiered outreach into the blogosphere that garnered more than 50 million views in three weeks, as well as half a billion impressions of traditional media coverage—all without a single press release or outbound media call.