AT&T “Internet of Things” Hackathon and Accelerator Series


In 2013, AT&T and Intel sponsored the “Internet of Things” Hackathon and Accelerator Series. The series was comprised of four regional hackathon events in Palo Alto, New York City, Boulder, and Los Angeles. It then culminated in a finale at the AT&T Developer Summit at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with over $100K in prizes. In order to attract attendees and maximize the impact of these events, AT&T sought to target the developer community and leverage the power of live engagement.


SocialRadius devised and initiated a campaign on behalf of AT&T that focused on developer outreach and engagement. We used a multi-tiered, multi-network approach to identify and target regional developer communities, and initiated strategically timed outreach to drive signups for each of the regional events. We also provided on-site social management for each multi-day event, creating valuable real-time content for social networks and platforms and amplifying attendee engagement to maximize visibility.

In addition, SocialRadius managed recruitment and on-site engagement activities for the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon during CES 2014. We identified top developer communities and individuals for outreach, which ultimately drove 600 participants to the hackathon - a 70 percent increase in participation over the previous year’s event. On site, we created real-time content to maximize conversation of participants, including those following the hackathon remotely, and amplified messaging from AT&T’s corporate accounts.

  • Outreach to over 5,000 regional and national developer groups and organizations, driving over 3,000 total signups across events
  • Drove 40.8 percent of total attendance for the Los Angeles event and 57.9 percent for the Boulder event
  • Total exposure for the series was 6.3 million impressions on Twitter alone
  • A 70 percent increase in participation at the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon over the previous year’s event