Bosley Medical - A Roots-Based Social Media Growth Campaign


Bosley Medical was a well-reputed provider of surgical hair restoration and regrowth that had produced extensive advertising for radio and television with an established “old media” presence, but had made no in-roads into social media and “21st century engagement.” In doing so, Bosley was neglecting a key demographic for its services: over half of Twitter’s users are young professionals (25-44), a group likely to have the disposable income to spend on a surgical procedure, while also being the normal age range when both men and women start to see the beginning of potential hair loss, also making them prime targets for Bosley’s hair restoration services.

SocialRadius focused its campaign primarily on social media in an effort both to engage potential customers as well as seed web and social media search results with Bosley “hits” for common hair loss and restoration queries. As a result of SocialRadius’ efforts, Bosley’s Twitter accounts (@BosleyMedical and @AskBosley) both grew by thousands of followers and Bosley Medical’s web page was among the top site hits for all relevant search queries.

  • Created, managed and expanded Twitter brand accounts, and grew followings through discounts and interaction with fans.
  • Utilized groups, bulletins, answers and other socially viral components of each network, as well as Yahoo! Answers, Quora and other consumer-facing social engagement platforms.
  • Integrated those online answers campaigns with appropriate links to the web and social media properties of Bosley Medical.
  • Created @AskBosley, a social answers Twitter account for the brand designed to engage those curious about hair loss and restoration on Twitter, while also making @AskBosley a common Twitter search result for relevant terms.
  • Used social news and bookmarking communities (e.g. Reddit) to drive traffic and engagement.
  • Created and promoted content for the “Ask Bosley” blog.

  • Grew the @Bosley primary Twitter account to over 10,000 followers and the @AskBosley Twitter account to over 8,000 followers.
  • As a result of SocialRadius’ efforts, Bosley’s website is among the top hits for all key search terms related to its business, such as “hair restoration,” “hair replacement,” “hair transplant,” etc.