The DEMO Conference


SocialRadius became the social media partner for the DEMO Conference in 2011, since managing and expanding its social media presence to reinforce the company’s positioning as the premiere launchpad for emerging technology. DEMO held its first conference in 1991, shaping the model for what would soon become the standard for tech startup pitch events in the years to come. Tech brands including Palm, Salesforce, WebEx, Tivo, Picasa, VMware, Fusion-io all launched at DEMO Conferences, eventually gaining worldwide prominence. However, being the venerable startup showcase in Silicon Valley presented DEMO with the same kind of double-edged dilemma any long-standing company in the Valley faces: experience trumped by the exciting glow of youth. In its bid to remain relevant as a startup symposium, DEMO needed to take its social media engagement to another level, while continuing to remain a can’t-miss event for technology press, investors, and CIOs centered in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

  • Pre-event promotion across social networks and platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.
  • Content creation and promotion around the conference, as well as community management and outreach.
  • On-site social media management to engage attendees and remote viewers, as well as promote participating startups and speakers.
  • Collaboration with the public relations team to maximize the impact of tech press coverage and traditional media coverage.

  • Grew DEMO’s already-established Twitter account to over 31,000 followers, more than doubling the number of followers the account had when the agency was first enlisted.
  • Expanded DEMO’s Facebook likes over the same amount of time to 5,651, a nearly 50 percent increase.
  • Created an Instagram account and a LinkedIn Group, with 732 followers and 1,693 members respectively.
  • Utilized live event management tactics to drive social activity across all networks and platforms, generating over 38.3 million impressions during live events since 2012.