Dr. Norman Rosenthal’s Transcendence: A Best-Selling Strategy


Dr. Norman Rosenthal was a well-known and respected psychiatric pioneer in the study of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and light therapy who was embarking on the publicity campaign for the most important book related to his work yet, Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation.

Despite Dr. Rosenthal’s prestigious reputation within his own field, he needed to leverage that reputation to gain attention from a more general, consumer-based audience that might be unfamiliar with his work, but which would be among the most responsive to his message, while also likely converting that growing attention to tangible book sales. SocialRadius suggested a campaign that began with a social media growth campaign and outreach to blog sources well in advance of the book’s June release to generate both buzz and quantifiable pre-sales of the book. The campaign also emphasized Dr. Rosenthal’s groundbreaking work to-date, as well as building his brand to secure additional opportunities well beyond the release of his book.


Created social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) landing pages for Dr. Rosenthal that had not existed to that point.

Created and executed a strategy that grew those accounts to thousands of fans and followers within a matter of months.

Conducted extensive research to identify the most highly influential bloggers and Tweeters that would be most responsive to Dr. Rosenthal’s message across a variety of verticals (e.g. mental health, spirituality, general wellness, etc.).

Initiated aggressive blogger outreach to more than 200 key thought leadership and enthusiast blogs in these categories.

Approached and offered exclusive content to the most influential bloggers, including access to Dr. Rosenthal and celebrity supporter David Lynch during Dr. Rosenthal’s four-city book tour.

Coordinated other special events and meet-and-greets outside of Dr. Rosenthal’s book tour and calendar of other events, appealing especially to the strong blogging and TM communities in Los and San Francisco.

  • Twitter growth of over 3,000 followers over the four-month campaign.
  • Publicity for Dr. Rosenthal’s books across top-tier online outlets in the relevant verticals outlined, and high-profile placements for Dr. Rosenthal’s writing just days before the book’s release, including FOX News and The Huffington Post.
  • Dr. Norman Rosenthal and Transcendence maximized this publicity and online chatter into achieving the ultimate goal of any published author and book: New York Times bestseller.