YouMail: With SocialRadius as Only Marketing, 3X User Growth in Two Years


SocialRadius has been the public relations agency of record for cloud-based telecommunications provider and smartphone app developer YouMail for over two years. YouMail's increased profile in these outlets has helped drive downloads and user acquisition: with no other marketing in the time SocialRadius has represented YouMail PR, the company has tripled its registered users from 1M to just over 3M, and the service now interacts with nearly 20M users every month.


Guide coverage in Android and iPhone fanboy and app enthusiast blogs through giveaways and other platform-based announcements like new features and updates.

Steer general financial and technology coverage with “newsier” announcements like total users and new funding.

Give early access to controversial news regarding larger brands like T-Mobile, Google and RIM to influential mobile thought leaders who could fan the viral flames, leading to multi-day positioning on leading tech news aggregator Techmeme.

  • In TechCrunch alone, the company has been the focus of seven larger stories in the two years it has been represented by SocialRadius, whereas before YouMail had previously only appeared in two brief articles in the previous three years.
  • During that time, the agency has placed company announcement and product update news in nearly every major technology outlet, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,, the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg, CNET, Gawker Media and The Verge.
  • The company has tripled its overall registered user base from one million to just over three million, in just a little more than three years, with nearly 20M unique users interacting with the service each month. YouMail is also consistently among the top-ranked apps in productivity for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.